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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Compensation

Real Case Reports, below

As a barrister who regularly finalises catastrophic brain and spinal cord injury compensation worth over £50 million every year, I know how critically important the compensation payout is so that a person who has suffered a severe injury can lead a decent life.

The aim of all good, specialist lawyers (who need to be selected very carefully) is to concentrate on quality of life for the injured person and family.

That should start with treatment and rehabilitation. Our job is to make sure that the claimant is receiving the best possible medical and therapeutic management; if the NHS does not have the facilities, it should be possible to arrange for private treatment. The object of good rehabilitation is to maximise independence, and to achieve quality of life, whatever that may look like.

Whilst that process is going on, and when the future can be predicted with some confidence, the lawyers prepare the compensation claim, by selecting experts to help in the process of creating a plan for life. That plan needs to be driven by the claimant and family, but informed as to choice by the lawyers and experts.

Here is a list of the brain injury compensation elements that should be included:

I've written a book on the subject – contact me for a free copy.

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No up-front Fees

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Clinical negligence – midwifery and obstetric management

Name: BP          Severe brain injury

Liability agreed in 2015

Compensation expected to be between £5 million and £10 million - needs 24 hour care

The Claimant’s mother was almost due to give birth to the Claimant when she went out for the day and, that evening, felt that the fetal movements had reduced. She rang the hospital and told them about the reduction of movement. They should have advised her to come into hospital for a check, but didn’t.

She went the following morning, but they failed to notice or act on the fact that the CTG (cardio-tocographic) trace was either suspicious or pathological. The midwives and junior obstetricians delayed delivering the baby for as much as 16 hours, as a result of which he is very badly brain damaged, and will never live independently, or work.

The NHS, which complains so vigorously about claimant lawyers’ costs, defended this claim until it was only seven weeks away from trial. The cost of doing that must have run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, and yet they gave in almost completely at the end.


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