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Brain Damage & Spinal Injury Lawyers
How To Choose Your Legal Team

If you, or a member of your family, or a friend, have suffered catastrophic severe brain injury or spinal cord damage, one of the most important decisions you need to make is the choice of your brain damage or spinal injury legal team.

There should be THREE lawyers in the team, one solicitor and two barristers (one of whom should be the lead QC), with each party having a different yet complementary role.

Solicitors are essential for the efficient running of your claim. They manage all aspects of it, ideally with the early involvement of both your barrister and your QC.  Solicitors need to be efficient and knowledgeable, but also he or she should be someone you feel you could get to like and trust. Many good claimant lawyers do their jobs because they positively want to work for people who have suffered serious injury as a result of negligence.


Barrister 1: YOUR QC
Your QC is the lead senior barrister, selected for his or her ability, who is the specialist lead.  He or she is responsible for devising the strategy for all aspects of the case, and the plan of action, and for all major decisions.

The second barrister, not a QC, should also be a specialist, but not as senior, and deals with more of the management of the claim.

As choosing your brain damage and spinal injury legal team is so critically important, I have devised a series of questions you should put to any lawyer you are considering.  See them here

Brain Injury Compensation Lawyer

Bill Braithwaite QC speaks about his experience as a leading brain injury compensation lawyer

Image for Brain Damage and Spinal Injury Lawyers Spinal Injury Claims Lawyer

Video clip of Bill Braithwaite describing his expertise as a brain & spinal injury claims lawyer.

Brain Injury Barrister |How to Choose

Bill Braithwaite QC talks about the importance of selecting the right brain injury barrister.

Brain Injury Solicitor | How to Choose

Bill Braithwaite QC discusses the critical issue of choosing an expert brain injury solicitor.

Spinal Injury Solicitor | How to Choose

Bill Braithwaite QC speaks about the vital importance of picking an expert spinal injury solicitor.

Client Testimonial | Paraplegic Victim

Client testimonial video clip describing his experience of working with Bill Braithwaite QC.

Client Testimonial - Family Member

Client’s family member, talking about Bill Braithwaite’s experience, expertise and personal caring.

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